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I didn't believe it when my dad told me, I had to look it up for myself!! I soooo can't wait to hear it!

NEW YORK (Billboard) - After swearing off pop songwriting following his 1993 album "River of Dreams," Billy Joel has returned to the format with a new single, "All My Life."

The Phil Ramone-produced track will premiere February 7 on People.com, where it will be available for streaming and as music for a Valentine's Day e-card.

It will then be sold exclusively via Apple's iTunes Music Store from February 20 through March 6, after which it will available at most digital retailers. A commercial CD release of "All My Life" will follow on a date to be announced, according to Joel's label, Columbia.

Since "River of Dreams," Joel has limited his new music repertoire to classical compositions. However, he still performs his old hits in concert, and will return to the road in North America February 7 in Jacksonville, Fla., for a 15-date tour.

The artist will also perform the National Anthem prior to Super Bowl XLI on Sunday (February 4) in Miami.

[[source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070130/music_nm/joel_dc]]

<3 Eliza
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